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Forge Evolution, formerly Colorado Springs Teen Court’s Board of Directors and staff began to explore the needs of the community in 2019 to determine the gaps of services for youth throughout Colorado Springs. It was identified that the Teen Court program was limited in serving its current clients and that there were more opportunities to serve youth in an expanded capacity.

The Teen Court program has used Restorative Justice to provide opportunities for youth to enhance skills, access mentorship, and establish connections through the teaching of responsibility and positive decision-making to create safer communities. Colorado Springs Teen Court used this model that has been time tested to rebrand and expand into Forge Evolution.

We believe in a future where every youth has the opportunity to build a brighter future, contribute to a stronger community, and forge new paths towards success. One where even those who’ve made mistakes can learn from them, take responsibility, and allow youth the ability to grow. Our community needs to continue to grow and in order for our youth to thrive and become the leaders of tomorrow we must reshape how we support them. We must broaden our organization to a more holistic model to help support the needs of our youth and families at a deeper level, to provide more comprehensive life skills programming, to prevent youth from engaging in criminal behavior, and help them build the skills necessary to become leaders instead.

In order to do this, we have to see the current Teen Court model as one program that supports a broader organization.  In doing so, we hope to add programs that support this new strategy, while partnering with other agencies who have already developed strong working models that support our outcomes. With this approach, we will have an increasingly greater impact over the foreseeable future!

Forge Evolution believes the only way to create the most effective supports for at-risk youth in our community is by expanding to work with youth through prevention as well. By doing so, Forge Evolution gives every youth the opportunity to build a brighter future, contribute to a stronger community, and become a leader.

Therefore, Colorado Springs Teen Court created an over-arching Intervention Model as the organization called Forge Evolution. Teen Court, the sentencing options of Peer Panels, Trials and Mediations, will be a sub-set of the intervention organization. The additional programs created (current and new) will fall into their own sub-sets of the intervention organization. The two pillar programs will be “The Forge Program” and "The Teen Court Program.”

For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact Volunteer Director Erick Groskopf at either 719-475-7815 or at

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